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Professor Liu Jiesheng

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Liu Jiesheng , male, one thousand nine hundred and eighty He is a doctor, Professor, master's supervisor, and winner of excellent doctoral dissertation in Hubei Province , currently Vice president, School of civil engineering and architecture. He teaches municipal engineering, civil engineering materials, professional English and other courses. It mainly carries out scientific research on new building materials, waterproof materials, waste utilization, building protection and durability research. twenty More than international and domestic reviewers, He has presided over the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the natural science foundation of Hubei Province, the outstanding young and middle-aged project of Hubei Provincial Department of education, the scientific research project of Hubei Provincial Department of communications, the open fund of State Key Laboratory, the open fund of Key Laboratory of Ministry of education, and the special projects of basic business expenses of central universities twenty more than Scientific research projects. Published papers one hundred and fifty Among them SCI/EI Included sixty More than one, apply for invention patent twenty , authorized twelve Items, Chief editor / Participating in compiling teaching materials four Department, published academic monographs one Department.

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